Are Banks Safe? The End of Bank Secrecy (h/t @zerohedge) #agorism


Image of the G20 nations from

The idea of bank secrecy is coming to an end. As governments continue to run out of money, they are continuing to look for ways to squeeze every last cent out of any revenue they can. The OECD member nations will now “implement a global standard for automatically exchanging information between tax authorities by the end of 2015”. That means that if you pay taxes in any of the member nations, all the other member nations will have access to that same information, and if they don’t have it immediately, it’s a mere mouse-click away.

The article does mention corporations, which like the ‘people’ that they are also against paying usurious tax rates, and so have been ‘hiding’ their money in off-shore tax havens. (The British Virgin Islands seems to be a big one, which is ironic considering it’s the … British … Virgin Islands.) It seems that as the 0.0001% continue to dole out what they think is best for the rest of us that they’re going to keep needing more and more of our money to do it, and now they’ll have that much more of the planet covered in which to track you.

From the image above, I note that the following countries are NOT part of the G20:


However, Chile and Norway are part of the OECD. Given the arrogance problem of the 0.0001%, I imagine it won’t be long before they have the “G-200” in which they share this sort of information on a planet-wide basis and there is no escaping the leviathan. It’s all the more reason why agorism is going to the the only way to achieve the inevitable freedom that human dignity demands. The glorious agorist future may be a while in coming, but it’s as inevitable, regardless of the hardships that may be endured prior.