An Open Letter to Liam Keating of @condenastcorp @wired @wireduk

Wired Crash



I received a response.  Mr. Keating told me that I was using the wrong Wired client, and that the client shown in the App store is NOT the official Wired client.  That’s not in the App section but in the Magazines section.  However, even given that, I still can’t access my subscription in the electronic version – I would have to subscribe a second time.  I responded asking why that was the case, and I received the following response to my email:

Hi Thomas 

Unfortunately not good news with this point. Although we offer free access for both iOS and Amazon users we dont have the capability to offer it to Android users.
We rely on our vendors (Apple, Google & Amazon) to let us ‘hook’ into this functionality. Until now Google have not opened this process to us much to our dismay and this carries over to GQ, Vogue and all of our other titles.
We are working very hard as a publisher to push this through as we have been since we launched on Android.  I hope you appreciate we take your concern very much to heart as do all of our editorial staff here in WIRED UK.
I hope this problem does not tarnish your view of WIRED as a brand and you will continue to enjoy our content as both print and digital. 
If you have any other questions please dont hesitate to contact me.

Original below:

Mr. Keating,

I’ve subscribed to Wired UK recently, and though I’ve been picking up issues on the “newsstand” for a while, I’ve recently purchased a tablet.  One of the things that I was really looking forward to was reading Wired on my tablet.

I can’t.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 Wired UK app DOES NOT WORK.

It has never worked.

If you read the reviews on the Google Play store, it doesn’t work for most people.  (That listing is also where I got your email address.)

Considering that Wired bills itself as a leader in tech and as a forward-thinking company, in this day and age for an app to be in such poor shape after so many reviews stating the blatantly obvoius fact that your app is broken is rather dismal.

I am currently re-thinking my subscription.  I’ve received only one copy of the magazine so far in the post* so it seems I should be able to get most of my money back.


Tom Quinlan

* PS – Why do I have to subscribe to a paper version at all?  Why not switch to all digital?