Activity Chart – Mark 1 & Mark 2


The latest iteration of the sheet.

We’ve been finding that the feeding chart for Maxwell has been inadequate. For starters, we want to track more than just his feedings; we’d like to keep track of his sleep as well. Consequently, I’ve updated the feeding chart to include a “Z” column to represent sleep, and in the Mark 1 of the Activity Chart, it was added to the end of the column listing where “Amt” is in Mark 2. This means that the columns have essentially been switched for Mark 2, making it more consistent and cleaner.

Mark 2 of the Activity Chart is attached below.

Ideally, I’d like to make an app that would allow us to track all of this. Now that my book is published, I hope to be able to do that (and also work on a game I’ve been thinking of creating). When/if I’ve created the app I will update here.

The chart works best when printed double-sided, and also saves paper.