A Real Problem with #Bitcoin: #Spam #BitcoinSpam @gavinandresen @pwuille @jgarzik #Satoshi #BTC


A picture of the email I received showing me the failed transaction.

I’ve been receiving a lot of Satoshis lately. Satoshis, being the smallest divisible unit of a bitcoin (so far), are therefore currency, even if they’re really small. One would think that receiving money, no matter how small, would be a good thing. However, that’s not the case here!

These are coming from a gambling website. I found this information on the bitcointalk.org forum, here:


Essentially, what this site is doing is advertising by sending small amounts of money.

Here’s the kicker: they don’t include the transaction fee.

Because they don’t include that fee, the transaction never gets processed. This allows them to send innumerable amounts of Satsoshis to every address they can find, achieve their spamming, and get their money back!

Additionally, in my wallet, there’s a constant message that “Certain funds have not been confirmed and are unavailable to spend (0.00000002 BTC)”.

It would be rather ingenious, if it weren’t so annoying. Though the funds disappear after the transaction fails, the first time you get this spam it looks like someone has sent you money. Then, after you receive it, you’re constantly reminded that you’ve received it because it never confirms. Then, the money reverts back to the originating sender, which makes it seem like you’ve ‘lost’ money. Then they do it again, and you’re given a forced reminder every time you try any other transaction because the transaction they send never confirms.

While fee-free transactions are a hallmark of the bitcoin network, it seems that actions such these will likely force a re-thinking of this policy. I think a gradual fee scheme will ultimately have to be initiated, or people will continue to abuse the limits of the bitcoin network.