On @apple’s Lack of Improvement

It seems I'm not the only one disappointed with the lack of improvements in the new Macbook Pros. Scanning Linked In and other social media sites shows I'm not the only one who would prefer a laptop that isn't thinner but that has more RAM and better features overall. I’m not sure why Apple is … Continue reading

Old Man Logan (Or, On Getting Old) @sirpatstew

I didn’t make this picture, someone else did. But I considered it an honour. My company recently held a Sales Kick-Off (SKO) for the second time this year in Las Vegas. One of the things that we did was to highlight deals that had been won that were really important for particular reasons. The … Continue reading

The Despicable Alternative

Meme by me. Among the "intelligent left", it is said that it is "better to elect a corrupt politician than a madman", referring obviously to their preference of Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. While I don't think that Donald Trump should be president, the problem with the supposition that he … Continue reading