I Missed Blogging Yesterday!

Picture from imagechef.com. No matter what timezone I use as my frame of reference, I missed blogging yesterday. I have felt under the weather (I’m fighting a cold) and so I went to bed at 4pm PST to try to get back to the normal schedule. However, I slept for 15 hours and only just […]

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“Critic” Is My Least Favourite Job Title @auerbachkeller @stephen_wolfram @wolframresearch #computerscience

Screenshot from Wolfram.com. I usually plan for my posts, but then I’ll end up reading something which will drive me a little nuts. As I’m not feeling particularly well, I’ll plan to keep this post short (and fail, it seems), but I’m referring to this article by David Auerbach, entitled “Language Barriers”. At Auerba.ch, he […]

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66 Days! #habit #blog

Image from newsimg.bbc.co.uk. If it does indeed take 66 days to form a new habit, then I must now consider blogging every day a new habit! This is my 66th post in a row, and I must say it feels like a habit. I’m feeling a bit better than yesterday, which is good (though still […]

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Time Zones and Jet-Lag!

Picture from onlineclock.net. Technically, I’ve missed blogging today if we go by the timezone in which I’m usually writing, but here in the Pacific Time Zone, I’ve got another six hours! Of course, since I’m absolutely jet-lagged (and actually feeling slightly feverish) this won’t be much of a post. I had hoped that by coming […]

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February Wrap-Up

Image from 9calendar.com. I’ve blogged for sixty straight days! It seems I’ll only need another week in order to make it a real habit. It’s given me some insight into my writing skills as well, and whether or not I like ti write (yes). I wrote every day in February – I did not schedule […]

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Off to Sunyvale!

Picture from wikipedia.org. Tomorrow morning I’ll take an eleven hour flight from London Heathrow Airport to San Francisco, and then drive to Sunnyvale. I’ve got a training to attend out there. It’s not my first time in either San Fran or Sunnyvale, and while I’m looking forward to the training I’m not looking forward to […]

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