On Being a Night Owl

Night Owl Society Logo from drawsigner.com. Waking up on a regular schedule is difficult for me, unless it’s from 3am until 11am. I don’t know why I am this way, but that’s always been the best way to schedule things. I had a summer job that allowed me to sleep that schedule, and it was … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Hunger Games

Picture from novelnovice.com. Having read all the Hunger Games books, I decided I would watch the first of the movies. It was actually very well done, which was surprising. Typically, movies adapted from books tend to be quite poorly done, because the books often contain a depth of information … Continue reading

On Becoming A Glass Explorer #throughglass

A low-res picture of me (taken from my Mac, not Glass). Over the weekend while I was in California, I picked up my Google Glass. It’s a very interesting device so far, though I’ve not had nearly as much time to play with it as I would have liked to this point. It takes a bit of getting used … Continue reading

Heading Back to London!

Picture from fotki.com. I’m sitting not far from where the gent in the picture is sitting. While I have any number of improvements that I can suggest to people (and as @british_airways knows, I’m not shy about telling them), overall I do like the service that I get on British Airways. I’m … Continue reading