Credit Card Grep for EnCase

I was a given a challenge by a colleague to come up with a good grep for credit cards.  He had come up with a fairly complicated grep statement that looked for them specific to the domains in which each company operates - one for American Express (37...), one for Master Card (54...), … Continue reading

Air Travel: Overtaxed & Inefficient

Air travel is overtaxed.  I'm not even going to create a link to back that up - all you have to do is look at the price breakdown of your next ticket.  I've got a flight to London on the 12th of October, and the price breakdown is as follows:Fare:  $288.00 (27.88%)Taxes and … Continue reading

Taxes Drive Away The Wealthy

In what's sure to only be a temporary measure, France's richest person has decided to keep his French nationality and pay French taxes after having applied for a Belgian nationality. ┬áBernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, has suggested that his move has nothing to do with the new 75% tax on … Continue reading