February 2011

I Honestly Can’t Say This Is Surprising

So as the follow up to the story about my house being broken into (http://thomasquinlan.com/paying-taxes-is-supposed-to-get-us-something) I got my mortgage statement today from Bank of America. My mortgage payment is going up $200 a month because …


Could Morgan Stanley Suck Any Harder?

So I’ve had an account with Morgan Stanley for a few years now, due to IPO stock that was purchased at a prior employer through a “Friends and Family” program. It was 150 shares of stock, and the company in which the shares were held has had its v…


Does Anyone Believe Job Numbers Anymore?

Apparently the unemployment rate has fallen to 9%, which is supposedly a good thing. If it were a meaningful statistic, it would be; however, it’s a ridiculous number. There are several reasons for this (which the media does report, which is good)…