I Honestly Can’t Say This Is Surprising

So as the follow up to the story about my house being broken into (http://thomasquinlan.com/paying-taxes-is-supposed-to-get-us-something) I got my mortgage statement today from Bank of America.  My mortgage payment is going up $200 a month because my escrow balance has apparently gone down to … Continue reading

Could Morgan Stanley Suck Any Harder?

So I've had an account with Morgan Stanley for a few years now, due to IPO stock that was purchased at a prior employer through a "Friends and Family" program.  It was 150 shares of stock, and the company in which the shares were held has had its valuation drop significantly (as did many … Continue reading

Does Anyone Believe Job Numbers Anymore?

Apparently the unemployment rate has fallen to 9%, which is supposedly a good thing.  If it were a meaningful statistic, it would be; however, it's a ridiculous number.  There are several reasons for this (which the media does report, which is good), not the least of which is the fact that … Continue reading