Book Review – Sneaker Wars by Barbara Smit

My previous class for grad school was "Competitive Intelligence", in which we were split into groups to take on the job of amassing intelligence for particular industries.  My group chose sports apparel, and I jumped at the chance to do research on Adidas.I'd always thought of the brand as a … Continue reading

Becoming A Family Historian

The picture above shows my great-grandfather and his wife, along with a friend and the friend's children.  I scanned that picture in a couple of days ago, and it was the first time in my life that I'd held something that was quite literally one hundred years old.  That picture was taken … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution #6

My sixth New Year's resolution is to learn wxPython.  It's a cross-platform GUI programming system.  I'm already familiar with Python, but I don't get enough opportunity to use it for programming; this year I'm going to run through the Wxpython in Action book and learn it.  I've used … Continue reading